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About Modified-Cars.Info

Modified Cars is a database of vehicles which have been enhanced by their owners to make them stand out from the crowd. We hope to feature thousands of motors that have been modded to improve their looks and / or their performance.
Ford Escort Chrome Engine
At the present time, most of the photographs are our own, but we hope to receive pictures from our users to enhance our database. If your car is already pictured here, then please get in touch to tell us a little bit more about it; we'd love to be able to list full details of the work done on all of the cars in our database.
BMW 3 Series Coupe
If your car isn't shown here, then please send us pictures and some information about it.
Note - we understand that there is no restiction on showing pictures of cars including their number plates. However, if your car is in our database showing its plates, and you would prefer the numbers to be obscured then we will happily do that for you. Most owners don't have any problem with plates being displayed; the plates are after all, on display on the road. Many of our pictures were taken at car shows and owners who don't want their plates visible tend to remove them or else cover them with an appropriate show plate.

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