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Licence our Pictures

Our car pictures are copyright T600 Ltd, except where specifically mentioned. We are happy for our users to take copies of a small number of our pictures for use on their own sites, but they must link back to our site from each and every picture; the links must be to the page on which the picture appears. Links to our site can either be from the image itself, or else by means of a text link near the picture.
If you wish to use our pictures without linking to our site, wish to use larger numbers of pictures from our site (10 or more), or wish to use our pictures in printed media, then you must contact us to licence the rights to them. Our terms are very reasonable for commerical use of our pictures.
The copyright to some of the pictures on the site is owned by our users. In the case of these pictures we will pass enquiries for the rights to use pictures on to the supplier of the photograph.

Send us your pictures

Modified Cars welcomes your pictures of cars; whether it's your own car or pictures from a car show, please send them to us and we'll add them to our database. The more you can tell us about the car in the photographs the better.
Please only send us pictures you have taken yourself, or else were taken on your behalf; we prefer not to receive pictures that you do not own the copyright to. So please don't send us pictures that you have found on another website.
Pictures submitted should be at least 800 pixels wide, but we can re-size them for you. Please tell us whether you want your name to appear next to the picture or whether you wish to remain anonymous.
From time to time we are asked to sell, or licence our high resolution pictures. Typically these are sold to publicity companies for magazines and as advertisements for shows. Should we get a request for your pictures then of course we'd pass the enquiry on to you.

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